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About key money & guarantor

Know the system of rental apartment

Idea of key money

There are a lot of good, long term (1-2 years) rental apartments for reasonable price.
In Japan, we have a key money system for this, and it is basically a contracting fee.
Key money might be a lot of money for many people, especially since it`s not refundable, but key money and rent always make a balance.

Example    (1LDK)
With Key money Without Key money
Key money 200,000 yen Key money 0 yen
Rent 80,000 yen Rent 100,000

For 24 month  
With Key money                    Without Key money
212,000  yen                       240,000 yen

Having a guarantor

Idea of guarantor

Usually when you are renting an apartment, giving a 1-2 month worth of rent as a deposit is enough for guarantee.

In Japan, you can find a place where a guarantor isn`t needed, but if you want a really good place, they will ask for a guarantor. In most cases, they want specifically a Japanese guarantor.


Some land/apartment owners might be worried that you can`t pay rent, or that maybe you will leave suddenly without any notice. This is not just for foreigners, Japanese citizens sometimes need a guarantor for their apartment as well.

Questions & Answers

What is a "Management Fee"?

In many places you are charged a monthly management fee, usually around 5,000- 10,000JPY. This is used for maintaining the common areas, such as corridors and the lobby.

Do I have to pay when renewing the contract?

When renewing your contract, some places charge you a renewal fee. It is usually 1 month's rent, but can be less.
If you live in one of Flat Osaka's properties, you don't have to pay this fee!

What is the normal contract period?

Normally contracts are 1-2 years, usually renewable, but sometimes you can live for only certain period of time, even if you'd like to stay longer.

There can be a minimum contract time, for example 1 year, when you can't move out without paying penalty.

I want to have a pet, are they allowed?

Very rarely you are allowed to have pets in your apartment, especially if there`s a Japanese style tatami room. If you have a pet, always make sure to mention it.

How much noise I can make and what time?

Japanese apartments usually have very thin walls. You don`t have to be absolutely quiet, but consideration especially in early morning and late at night is highly recommended.
This also depends very much on where you live. In an already noisy downtown you might not have to worry, but in a quiet area you have to be very careful of the noise. Remember that slamming doors, vacuum cleaner, etc can be very unpleasant for neighboring residents.

I have a musical instrument, can I play it?

If you play a musical instrument, there might be some restrictions. If you play with headphones, it should be okay, but for example playing an acoustic guitar can be a problem. Always remember to ask about this, since some place might not allow musical instruments at all.

Do I have to know Japanese?

To some landowners it is very important that you speak Japanese. This is because they are afraid if you don't, you won't be able to understand some rules etc.
You don't have to perfect, basic conversation level should be okay.

What should I do with my garbage?

In Japan, garbage will be collected on designated weekdays. Be sure to follow the instructions very carefully. For example, if PET bottles are collected on Tuesday, you can't put them out on any other weekday, etc.

Do I need a fire insurance?

All companies require a fire insurance for the apartment, and it usually costs around 10,000 - 15,000 JPY for a 2 year period.

If you live in the apartment for less than 2 years, you can usually get some of the money back.